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PTA, The Parent Teachers Association, is a non-profit organization, composed of parents and EAR staff.

The PTA aims to promote active and cooperative involvement among the community around the school’s educational programs. It organizes and supports school activities and special events through volunteers to complement the academic program and enhance the school’s sense of community.

In addition to helping to spread the EAR’s mission, vision, and core values, the association is a fundraising vehicle that helps meet expenditures not covered by the school budget.

Funds raised are for the exclusive benefit of student learning at the EAR. The PTA recognizes the diversity of nationalities that constitute the school and works to promote harmony and inclusion in the school community.

Parents or legal guardians of students currently enrolled at EAR and in good financial standing with the school are eligible for membership in the PTA. In the association, there are the following positions and responsibilities:

EAR PTA President: Sets meeting agendas and presides over meetings. Provides periodic updates regarding PTA activities through established EAR communication channels.

EAR PTA Vice-President: Assumes the responsibilities of the President when s/he is absent.

EAR PTA Secretary: Keeps accurate minutes of meetings and maintains PTA archives.

EAR PTA Treasurer: Keeps accurate records of PTA funds and submits financial reports to the membership at monthly meetings.

– Fundraising for library books.
– Acquisition of musical instruments for the music room.
– PTA Talks educational lecture series.
– Support in events such as Children’s Day, Halloween, Christmas etc.

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