EAR has established online protocols to communicate different types of information.  These have been created to streamline and simplify information and communication. 

JupiterEd is the EAR student information management system. It is the business tool for the school and is used for student/parent/family information, report cards, attendance, billing, and other types of information. It is also the medium used for direct email communications from the school and can be used for contacting school personnel.

Google Classroom – This platform ise used to provide students and parents with day-to-day information. Depending on the grade level, these are the tools teachers use to communicate information related to classwork, class, assignments, homework, and upcoming class events. Students and parents can use these platforms to access homework assignments, work missed due to absences, and blended learning and online assignments.

EAR Newsletters – Every month, EAR sends out a newsletter to all community members with information about each division, events, and activities for the following month. This bulletin is very important as it contains key information of interest to the community. We ask all parents to keep their contacts up to date at EAR so do not to harm the flow of information.

Email – All employees have a professional school email address. Students also receive a school email as soon as they join the school. It is the primary and official form of communication between parents, teachers, staff, and students. That’s why it’s always important to keep your data up to date. 

Here are some key emails:
ECC/Elementary Office:
Secondary Office:
Admissions/School Secretary:

WhatsApp – With the pandemic and the need to quickly communicate with parents, EAR started using WhatsApp for the following situations:

Pickup Students: Each classroom has a number for parents to inform where they are on campus and meet their children.

IT support: questions about access to websites, apps, passwords, equipment requests (Chromebooks), EAR’s T.I. team also uses WhatsApp to speed up service.

Website – This is the storage site for general school information. The EAR website is where you can find calendars, important policies and procedures, upcoming events, and other information. In most cases, weekly information appears first in the newsletters and via email and is then transferred to the school website.

Social Media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Linkedin) – These social media sources are used to communicate current information, announcements, and pictures of recent school-related events.

In the event of a school closure or emergency situation, the information will be communicated to the community through JupiterEd email mainly.